Caution - very cold

Amazing Cold Places to Visit

I am more of a warm places traveller. However, there are some countries you should definitely visit during winter because the landscape, the light and the feeling is totally different than during the summer months. Here are some examples of where to go.


Andermatt, Switzerland

Andermatt is a lovely mountain village where you can do hikes in the snow, sledge or ski and snowboard. It's a very idyllic place. However, it is also popular for skiing so you definitely won't be the only ones there. 

If you want to allow yourself a luxurious getaway then I suggest you stay at The Chedi Andermatt. It's a very stylish hotel with a beautiful spa area - perfect to relax yourself. One night is around CHF1'500 for two people. There are definitely cheaper options as well. You can find apartments on Airbnb too. If you don't want to sleep in Andermatt you can also do it as a day trip from Zurich. It's a 3hour train ride one way.


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Arosa, Switzerland

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