Burning Man 2019

Burning Man (BM) - I think it's a dream a lot of people have. I heard so many people that have Burning Man on their bucket lists. It's never too late to visit as the age range is from small children to retired people. I belonged to the younger audience. Every year 70'000 people gather around the man who burns down on Saturday. The beautiful thing about Burning Man is that it combines music, art and creativity with amazing souls.

San Francisco

What to Expect

When And Where

Burning Man is a community that meets in the desert of Black Rock for one week end of summer. The last day is always on labor day.

Getting There: The closest airport is in Reno. If you have the chance I highly recommend to fly to Reno and rent a car at the airport. 

How to get tickets: This is one of the most difficult things about Burning Man. The best way is to connect with a camp before main sale in order to get a chance to receive tickets if you don't make it through main sale.  

Camping:  Burning Man consists of hundreds of camps which are generally NGOs during the year. It's a great way for first burners but also people who return often because it offers shade, food, water and toilets. If you decide to free camp you will have to bring everything yourself. Especially for people living outside of the US it can be quite challenging. If you don't know anyone who went to BM you can visit its website where all previous camps are listed. Normally they return every year. Caution: You will have to sign up for shifts in order for the camp to run smoothly. 

Gifting:  A very important value is the no money economy which means that you cannot buy anything except Ice at BM. The community expects everyone to contribute. It doesn't really matter what it is. My camp for example gives free costumes away. 

What You Need to Know

I suggest to buy a bicycle at Walmart as renting on the playa is not available anymore. Of course you can also walk around but the terrain is huge.

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