Hikes in Switzerland

Switzerland has amazing hikes to offer for everyone. You can do short and easy hikes with children or extreme hikes that ask for some experience. Please note that unfortunately, wild camping is forbidden in Switzerland. This guide gives you several options in whole Switzerland. Some require a car to get there.


Bachalpsee, Grindelwald

Starting Point: Grindelwald

Price: $$

Duration: 3 hours

From there you need to take the gondola up to First. It runs definitely during summer. If you are planning to visit during winter you should check the website if it's open. Instead of taking the gondola you can walk up to the top station "First". Once you arrived on top it will take you around 50 minutes until you get to the lake. It is very beautiful for sunset. However, if you want to stay for sunset you will have to walk all the way down which will take you around 2 hours and don't forget to bring a headlamp. 

Degree of Difficulty: easy


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My group decided to hike further than the lake. You can take a path on the right side of the lake that brings you higher up the mountain. We walked for about 20 minutes until we arrived to the mountain hut you see in the picture below. There we waited for the sun to set. Afterwards we started our descend which is impossible without a light.

Travel Tip: On your way to Grindelwald you can stop in Lauterbrunnen (picture below on the right). It's a small typical Swiss Mountain Village

Mountain Hut
Mountain during Sunset
Creux du Van.jpg

Creux du Van, Gorgier 

Degree of Difficulty: medium

Starting Point: Noiraigue

Price: $-$$

Duration: 5 hours

This hike is easily accessible via public Transport. From Zurich Main Station it's around  2 hours with one or two changes of trains. The hike starts directly at the train station of Noiraigue. I have rated the hike as medium because it's a steep and long ascent. However, I have seen small children doing it too. It's a circuit hike which will take around 2 hours up, 1.5 hours around the crate and 1.5 hours down.

The way up is all through a forest which is great during summer as it keeps down the warmth. There is one restaurant with a farm around in the middle of the hike where you could rest. I recommend to finish the ascent and be rewarded with the beautiful view you see on the picture above. We stopped at some point to relax and eat the pick-nick that we have brought with us. Once you have arrived on the other side of the crate the descent begins. It's another way down than the one you took up but it's also through a forest and it cools down quickly. At the bottom you will get to the same street that brings you to the train station.

Travel Tip: bring enough water and try to start early as it get very crowded. Don't go after it has rained because it gets very slippery

Creux du Van Aussicht.jpg
Creux du Van and friends.jpg

Aescher, Schwende

Degree of Difficulty: easy

Starting Point: Wasserauen

Price: $-$$

Duration: 2.5 hours

The hike is very easy and you have many options once you are on the mountain. Take the Gondola up to Ebenalp from Wasserauen. You can also hike up but it's a quite demanding hike. The Aescher Restaurant is only a 20min walk from the Gondola station. You can pass the house and walk up for about 1 hour. Your destination will be another mountain hut where you can grab something to eat before you see an amazing scenery.

The way down to the gondola station will take about 45min and is not very difficult. Make sure you catch the last gondola which is probably around 5pm

Travel Tip: plan enough time to explore the mountain as there are many hiking paths which you can take.

Saxer Lücke

Saxer Lücke, Rüte

Degree of Difficulty: medium

Starting Point: Hoher Kasten Gondola Valley Station

Price: $-$$

Duration: 6 hours

The hike is also called the geological hike because you will find 20 information boards along the way about the evolution of the tectonic plates in that region. The hike will go from Hoher Kasten - Saxer Lücke - Bollwees - Hoher Kasten Valley station.

The start of the hike as at the valley station of the Hohen Kasten gondola. You can park your car there.

The way up until the Saxer Lücke is quite steep and will direct you through a forest and beautiful mountain scenery. Once you are on top you will have to walk further on a straight path until you get to the beautiful place you see on the left. Once arrived the rest goes all the way down to Bollwees where you can find a mountain hut and a lake. 

The way down back to the valley station takes around 2 hours and is a steep descend. If you have problems with your knees this is definitely not the perfect way back. The other option is to walk back to Hoher Kasten. However, this will take much longer. 

Travel Tip: book a room at the guest house at Bollwees, take a swim, relax and continue your hike the next day.