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Asia - unfortunately, this continent is being destroyed by all its tourists. However, I feel that it is still an amazing place to visit. Especially, because there are still so many untouched countries and hopefully will stay like that.

What to Expect

When to Visit

I believe that Asia is an all-year place to visit. However, a lot of people visit when there are low temperature in Europe which makes it also more expensive. Dry and rainy season have its beauty. 

When you think of Asia you normally think of Bali, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. But also a country like the United Arab Emirates are part of the Asian continent and of course the beautiful islands of Maldives.

The most common way to travel in Asia is backpacking but of course luxurious vacation is possible to find. 

Asia is a huge continent and therefore, it is very difficult to decide where to start. As most of the people from Switzerland I have started with Bali. Of course large cities as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo attract people from all over the world.