Hi, my name is Erin. Thank you for visiting my blog. 

I was born in the USA and raised in Switzerland. As a big part of my family history is not clear I always had the urge to explore. Currently I have a normal office job and travel as much as I can in my free time. I'm not like many other bloggers out there. I have a normal 42 hours a week job. Every weekend I pack my things and go on new adventures. My five weeks holiday per year motivate me to always work hard and be passionate. 

But first of all, if you ever visit Switzerland hit me up and I can show around my beautiful country.  

I want to inspire and encourage you to travel / explore this wonderful planet whether with a low or high budget. The ultimate reason why I started this blog was because of all these beautifully described lives of people that follow their dreams of being free and traveling the world. But what if you have two different dreams? What if you like to have a stable job, a home base and on the samee time explore planet earth? That is the reason this blog exists. The good news is: You can have it both. :)

On my blog "Unknown Voyage" you will find different subjects. One part will explain the beautiful destinations I was able to visit so far. Another part will show you my creative side - the travel videos and photographies and lifestyle.

Why did I choose the name "Unknown Voyage"? The course of our life is a surprise in every way and is a journey of emotions, impressions and feelings. 


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